Web application + Service and hosting

A world full of design and architecture.


A world full of design and architecture. Webnorth focussed on timeless design, embodying the spirit of Arne Jacobsen, when the library was developed.The goal was to make it easy and quick to access and explore a world full of design, as well as to provide administrators with easy access to edit and create new pages. The interface was intuitively designed for effortless navigation, inviting users to effortlessly explore the depth of the design.

Moreover, administrators should be able to quickly obtain an overview of design, architecture, and manufacturer pages through a simple administrative panel. This panel offers a centralized hub for efficient management, enabling administrators to maintain and update content with ease. The emphasis on simplicity and accessibility reflects our commitment to providing both users and administrators with a smooth, enjoyable experience in this curated world of design and architecture.

Choosing the right tech stack
is crucial for factors such as
performance and scalability.


Git Version Control

App / API

Vuejs Frontend


Laravel Backend


Bitbucket Pipelines CI/CD Platform


MySQL Server


Laravel Forge Server

Server management

Digital Ocean Hosting


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