About Webnorth

Innovation, quality and
good karma.

Webnorth is a digital agency based in Copenhagen. Since 2010, Webnorth has focused on a robust and thorough digitization of our clients’ businesses.

Webnorth has three teams:

  • Management
  • Development
  • Service

On a daily basis, Webnorth operates with agile processes within each department to ensure quality and strong collaboration across teams. Processes are secured through various checkpoints, where each deliverable is compared against the agreed-upon specifications. This occurs both with the client and collaborating partners.

Webnorth takes great pride in craftsmanship, which means the team assumes significant responsibility for each project. Conversely, this also means that Webnorth often declines projects if the gut feeling suggests compromising the internal mantra. This could be due to misalignment between requirements and budget, or if ambitions are not ethically compatible with Webnorth’s values, where diversity and respect for each individual are paramount.

Webnorth works every day to maintain the highest level of service for clients and collab agencies.