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Webnorth is a strong technical collaborator trusted by some of Denmark's most skilled agencies.

Our experience with agency collaborations enables us to understand both the preceding creative processes and the final deliveries on simple and advanced digital projects.

In these projects, Webnorth contributes across the spectrum, providing services ranging from strategy and clarification to development, integrations and innovation.

Digital clarification

At Webnorth, it is important to base decisions on data and valuable insights when assisting our clients with their specific needs. Through strategic consulting and workshops, we clarify these needs and address potential challenges while aligning the client’s stakeholders toward common goals.

This comprehensive approach is compiled in our technical specifications, which include wireframes, prototypes, and third-party mappings.

Jacob Munche Spardahl




At Webnorth, we clarify clients’ needs before suggesting the right technology or combination of technologies.

Businesses today use web technologies to enhance online experiences. Websites build brand presence, e-commerce platforms drive sales, and webapps offer interactive features.

Headless CMS solutions deliver flexible content, while web experience creates playful campaign and event sites. Integrations connect systems, streamlining workflows. These technologies collectively boost engagement and growth.

Simon Strande



Service & Hosting

Webnorth specializes in operating, maintaining, and optimizing digital solutions through our service and hosting agreements, overseen by our experienced service team. Our comprehensive approach ensures not only the stability and performance of your digital assets but also ongoing innovation and tailored support.

We take pride in offering a range of services, including continuous monitoring, prompt issue resolution, and strategic optimizations. This proactive approach guarantees that your digital presence remains robust, secure, and aligned with evolving industry standards.

Jesper Hartvig

Customer Care Manager