Agency collaboration with Webnorth.

Webnorth has extensive experience with agency collaboration, which requires an understanding of the creative and preceding processes, as well as final deliveries on simple and demanding digital projects.

1. Scoping

Scoping a project involves a research and mapping process. Identifying the customer’s needs and requirements is essential for outlining specifications, creating a budget, and establishing a timeline. These specifications play a crucial role in ensuring a robust process and aligning with customer expectations for the final product.

Webnorth is experienced in scoping digital projects through mapping processes, workshops, and prototypes, collaborating closely with partner agencies and clients.

2. Specification vs. design

Once the specifications are defined and the project is approved, the creative process kicks off. This is the stage where the project starts to come to life. The creative journey typically begins by creating wireframes, offering the client a glimpse of the digital solution’s structure, including the functions and relationships of each page. Webnorth is skilled in assessing wireframes against specifications, ensuring that the presented wireframes are entirely feasible for future development in the project.

After receiving approval for the wireframes, the design process steps into the spotlight. This is the phase where the framework begins to adopt color and shape, integrating features such as transitions and animations. While Webnorth demonstrates proficiency in robust UI and UX, the central emphasis stays on scrutinizing the design against specifications, with specific attention to interactions, animations, transitions, and responsive design.

3. Design handover

Although Webnorth is often involved in the preceding processes, it is necessary to have a handover of the design. In this meeting, the digital designers from the partner agency participate along with Webnorth’s team, which typically includes a digital project manager, tech lead, and the developers who will be involved in the project.

The design is meticulously reviewed, with additional focus on the details of interactions, animations, transitions, and responsive design.

4. Development including testing

Before development begins at Webnorth, an internal startup meeting is held to set up and review the project in Miro. Miro is Webnorth’s internal tool for creating an overview and structure for the various phases of projects and any potential challenges. During this meeting, internal deadlines and deliverables are also established and shared with partner agencies and the client if desired.

Once development is initiated, Webnorth follows a 14-day sprint cycle, allowing for an agile process and the testing of the project through incremental deliveries. This provides significant flexibility for both the partner agency and the client.

Webnorth usually initiates the development process by working on the frontend, allowing the partner agency to evaluate the design as the client witnesses the project evolving. Following this, the backend is built. Webnorth systematically introduces the service team, providing support to the client or partner agency in acquainting themselves with the backend and exploring the various choices within that domain.

5. Test by the agency

Webnorth has implemented internal processes and checklists for testing development. In the initial phase, it is the QA Engineers at Webnorth who review the development and identify any necessary corrections.

Following this, the development undergoes testing at the partner agency. Once any identified corrections are addressed there, the project is then submitted for final review with the client. This test is usually a small part of the process due to the ongoing testing during the development phase.

6. Publishment & handover to client

Once the development receives approval from both the partner agency and the client, we move on to the publishing phase. At this point, Webnorth’s service team steps in to take the project live. The Customer Care Manager from the service team prepares video tutorials to guide users through the backend, and, if applicable, a service and hosting agreement kicks off.

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Over the past few years, Webnorth has specialized in agency collaboration, and how do we do it?

We do it by recognizing that unique ideas and solutions can be created when various experts and competencies from different agencies come together. Furthermore, Webnorth has invested many internal resources in mapping continuous learnings, optimizing, and refining our processes for agency collaboration.

Webnorth also has a significant advantage in having simple and agile development processes, making us flexible in the development phase. In addition to this, Webnorth’s service team plays a crucial role in agency collaboration. The Customer Care Managers, tech leads, and developers in the service team stay closely connected to the collaborating agency’s client, maintaining a high level of service that ultimately benefits the collaborating agency.