General terms

General terms.


1. Application and Validity

Any service, whether development, consultancy, research, programming, design, implementation, etc., is delivered under these “General Terms,” irrespective of whether Webnorth acts as the main or sub-supplier. The Customer’s indication of special or general terms is not considered a deviation from these terms unless accepted by Webnorth in writing.


2. Services

Webnorth delivers services specified in a separate “Agreement” and may have obligations performed by subcontractors. If software or other items without rights are proposed, the Customer must enter a separate agreement with the third party.

Services are considered delivered upon transfer to and acceptance by the Customer. Webnorth is responsible until the transfer date, after which responsibility shifts to the Customer.

Time plans are approximate and non-binding unless specified otherwise in the Agreement. Delays from the Customer or a third party may impact the timeline.


2.1 Process

Acceptance of Delivery: The Customer has 14 days post-handover to make changes and accept the project. Failure to act within this period results in automatic acceptance.

The Customer’s digital solution can be on standby on Webnorth’s staging server for up to 30 days. After this, a service and hosting agreement is initiated; otherwise, the solution is transferred to another server at the Customer’s expense.

A 3-month full warranty is provided. If a service and hosting agreement is chosen, additional warranties depend on the agreement.

Publication: Webnorth isn’t responsible for third-party delays or compatibility issues with the Customer’s hosting provider. A service and hosting agreement with Webnorth is recommended for reliable hosting.


2.2 Services Not Included; Texts, Images, and Other Content

Insertion of texts, images, and general content is not part of the delivery unless specified in the project’s specification.


2.3 Hours on Services and Vouchers

Services: Each service includes an accepted budget and specification. If estimated tasks exceed hours, Webnorth can re-estimate, giving the client three options.

Vouchers: Vouchers must be paid before starting a task. Webnorth provides estimates for tasks taking over five hours. The client can pay only within the given estimates.

Webnorth does not refund vouchers.


2.4 Responsibility for Publications

Webnorth is not responsible for acquiring third-party rights for materials used in projects. The Customer must have rights to the material on their digital solution.


2.5 Server

If on the Customer’s server, Webnorth isn’t responsible for its functionality or compatibility, resulting in a higher service agreement cost. Such solutions are invoiced through a voucher.


3. The Customer’s Cooperation

The Customer must provide necessary information stated in the agreement. A designated point of contact is required.


4. The Data Protection Act & GDPR

The Customer is responsible for having a Data Processing Agreement (DPA). Webnorth can assist at an hourly rate.


5. Other Expenses

Full remuneration is paid for travel time. Work outside normal hours incurs a higher hourly rate.


6. Terms of Payment and Retention of Title

Payment must be made within 14 days of the invoice date. Late payments incur penalty interest. Webnorth may suspend work for non-payment and charge for additional work.

Special payment terms must be in the project or service agreement.


7. Confidentiality

Both parties must keep confidential information private. The obligations persist after the Agreement ceases.


8. Support

Normal support is offered at an hourly rate outside service agreements. Mail and telephone support are available during office hours through service agreements.


9. Complaints

The Customer must check services within 30 days. Defects must be reported promptly; otherwise, the right to claim defects is forfeited. Webnorth is not responsible for the Customer’s use of the service.


11. Product Liability

Webnorth is responsible for product liability under the Danish Product Liability Act.


12. Limited Liability

Webnorth is not liable for indirect or consequential damages unless in breach of law. Liability for damages is limited to 25% of the service amount. Total liability is capped at DKK 200,000 ex. VAT.


13. Intellectual Property Rights

Webnorth retains all rights to services and results. Exclusive rights may be acquired through financial transactions, outlined in the Agreement.


14. Marketing

Webnorth can use the Customer as a reference after the Agreement and display the client logo on its website.


15. Cancellation of the Project

The Customer can terminate ongoing services, but fees and expenses incurred before termination remain payable.


16. Force Majeure

Webnorth is not responsible for circumstances beyond control hindering Agreement fulfillment.


17. Governing Law and Arbitration

Disputes must be settled under Danish law in Danish courts.