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Simplicity at its finest.


Erik Magnussen was firm in his belief that his designs must not only serve practical purposes for customers but also contribute to the aesthetic charm of their homes. Approaching each project with a methodical and inquisitive mindset, Magnussen sought to enhance both form and function, irrespective of the initial starting point.

Throughout his prolific career, Erik Magnussen crafted numerous iconic products, guided by the enduring belief that there was always room for improvement and elevation. His passion for the creative process propelled him to continually refine his methods.

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Jacob Munche Spardahl

COO, Webnorth


How we work

The philosophy of prioritizing simplicity and allowing the products to stand out independently was the guiding principle for AM Copenhagen.

Through close collaboration, we successfully crafted an exceptional website, placing a strong emphasis on simplicity. This approach was strategically designed to highlight the robust identity and compelling content, creating an engaging digital experience for visitors.