Service & hosting

Webnorth provides the full
service and hosting agreement
with the following:

Specialized service team

Inhouse tech leads, WordPress developers, and QA engineers

Consultants in web accessibility, sustainability, and organic SEO

Full guarantee on the WordPress solution

Ongoing updates with testing in staging environment

Automatic monitoring for faster response time

Implementation of security measures

Easy scalability option (e.g. increased traffic and sales)

Daily backup

Error handling plan

Weekly review of the solution

GDPR compliance through Cookiebot

Solution-specific optimized servers

Dedicated Customer Care Manager

Email and phone support on weekdays between 8-16

24-hour emergency phone for critical business challenges

Reporting tool for corrections and further development

Proactive advice from Customer Care Managers

A specialized
service team.

A service and hosting agreement costs a minimum of 2,450 DKK per month excluding VAT. This price includes hours for Customer Care Manager, Tech Lead, WP developers, DevOps, and QA engineers.

Webnorth’s service team specializes in the operation and optimization of WordPress solutions, and each customer has their own Customer Care Manager. The service team ensures the daily operation of WordPress solutions by reviewing the service board for any challenges and additional requests. The service board is used to ensure communication and history for each development task. On the same board, you will find an overview of the time used for support from the Customer Care Manager, maintenance by developers, and the time used on prepaid hours.

The service team has in-house Tech Leads, WP developers, and QA engineers, providing customers with quick response times and the initiation of further development. The service team focuses entirely on the performance and security of WordPress solutions, as our Customer Care Managers have a deep understanding of WordPress, while the service team’s WP developers have many years of experience in WordPress development. Additionally, Webnorth collaborates with several experts in web accessibility, sustainability, organic SEO, LMS, and automation, allowing us to continuously optimize WP solutions.

In this way, service and hosting agreements are specially tailored to companies and organizations that want to get more out of their WordPress solution and ensure a strong digital positioning.

The takeover of a service and
hosting agreement for existing
WordPress solutions.

Step 1: Report on the current condition

Security and performance are an essential part of a service and hosting agreement with Webnorth, which means that a report is prepared on the current state of the digital solution. It is important to have this knowledge before the solution is transferred to Webnorth’s own servers.

The report provides insights into code condition, maintenance and updating of plugins and integrations, third-party tracking, security, speed, and GDPR compliance. This report requires a minimum of 5 hours and has a minimum price of 5,000 DKK excluding VAT.

Step 2: Optimization and additional development

Based on the report, an overview is provided of the optimizations required before the service and hosting agreement can take effect. These optimizations are crucial for overall security and enable us to take over the warranty for the digital solution.

A service and hosting agreement costs a minimum of 2,450 DKK excluding VAT per month, but the price depends on the features, plugins, and integrations of the digital solution. Time registration for a service and hosting agreement is divided into support, updates, and external costs such as server expenses, etc.

Step 3: Initiating a service and hosting agreement

Once the optimization of the digital solution is completed, the transfer to Webnorth’s servers is prepared, and the service and hosting agreement can commence. The service team invites the customer to a handover meeting, where the backend of the solution is introduced and reviewed.

The service team also provides an introduction to the service board, where the customer can report challenges, note requests for additional development, and store relevant communication about the various development tasks.