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We meticulously developed a custom WooCommerce site in collaboration with AM Copenhagen. Our primary goal was to emphasize simplicity while infusing a burst of color into the digital realm. Simplicity wasn’t just a focus for the frontend; it was also paramount for the backend.

Here, it was crucial to ensure that ColorCable could effortlessly rearrange and create new pages using flexible modules. This approach not only enhances the user experience but also empowers ColorCable to dynamically showcase its vibrant range in an ever-evolving online landscape.


In November 2018, ColorCable came into existence with a vision to transform how we view extension cords and power strips.

The core idea was straightforward yet impactful – to design products that not only fulfill practical needs but also contribute aesthetic beauty to homes.

We can help you build your WooCommerce or Shopify site. Contact us today!

Jacob Munche Spardahl