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Choose a service and hosting agreement over a regular hosting agreement

Jesper Hartvig

Customer Care Manager


Date:February 3, 2024

At Webnorth, we often encounter clients who are surprised to find that their digital solution has not been maintained.

When searching for a hosting provider, you’ll come across many companies competing fiercely on price. The issue is that solutions from large hosting providers often only include hosting itself, lacking website maintenance. These providers cannot scale digital solutions because hosting websites is a different discipline than maintenance. At Webnorth, we call it operations and optimization.

In addition to the above, we often encounter hosting providers who update the security version or even the major version of the CMS but overlook plugins or other technical security measures. This makes the solution vulnerable to external hacker attacks.

At Webnorth, we ensure not only the hosting of your solution but also its maintenance. We have a dedicated service team specializing in the operation and optimization of digital solutions, where updates are first performed manually in a test environment for stability before being deployed to the actual solution. This ensures both better performance and higher security. Webnorth works proactively with your solution, and the service team has its own developers, providing customers with a quick response time.

With a service and hosting agreement at Webnorth, your solution is reviewed on a weekly basis and undergoes testing in various browsers, screen sizes, phones, and tablets to ensure that it functions as intended. Additionally, every six months, you receive a detailed report describing the status of security, speed, search optimization, and much more.

In this way, service and hosting agreements are specially tailored for companies and organizations looking to get more out of their digital solution and thereby ensure a solid and strong digital positioning.

If you are unsure whether your hosting provider updates your digital solution, contact Webnorth’s service team at support@webnorth.dk or by phone at +45 70 23 44 66. Webnorth can assist you in the process and simultaneously ensure strong operations and optimization.