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A good digital solution requires a good digital home.

Simon Strande



Date:May 26, 2024

At Webnorth, we leverage high-end WordPress-optimized server technologies, with a particular focus on performance, speed, and security. The Lightspeed web servers are always updated with the latest software and are under constant monitoring by a team of experienced infrastructure specialists. Additionally, all solutions are supervised by automated processes that immediately alert if anything is amiss.

Each website on the servers is isolated from one another, enhancing security and performance. Extra resources can be allocated to individual solutions if necessary. Furthermore, we limit the number of solutions on each server, and the server hardware is configured with components known to work well together, featuring high clock frequency, high-frequency RAM, and NVME disks.

Our servers are located in a data center in Denmark. The individual cache settings for different solutions, combined with custom setups for each solution, contribute to exceptionally high speed. We regularly measure speeds and adjust settings as needed. All of this contributes to guaranteeing high uptime, and daily backups are performed on two servers located in two different countries.

With a service and hosting agreement at Webnorth, you have a stable platform for your digital solution, allowing you to focus confidently on your core business.

Learn more about a service and hosting agreement at Webnorth here.